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Forty-nine (49) children have been enrolled at our SLRC-CCMF Day Care Center for the School Year 2013-2014.

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Success Stories

The SLRC program management successes are also attributed to the trust and confidence of all DONORS and BENEFACTORS who share their "GOD-given" bounties for the poor.

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Eagle's Heart

The EAGLE, that lays the golden eggs shared with generosity to pursue dreams symbolizes CCMF, our partner, while the HEART that intervenes to build the capacity and values of the less fortunate symbolizes SLRC, the implementing agency.

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A Vehicle for Social Change

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Charity (SJDMC) Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life of distressed families. Its programs and services seek to enhance the life, dignity and self-worth of individuals through various interventions.


Our Works:

Executive Director's Message
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“We thank the poor for giving us the chance to witness the love of our Lord Jesus everyday”


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